Rs 684, DB | Spoor H0 - 47098

Type Rs 684 Stake Car with Folding Stakes

Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) type Rs 684 four-axle stake car with folding stakes. European standard design with a length of 19.90 meters / 65 feet 3-7/16 inches. Version with round buffers. The car looks as it did around 1984.

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Type Rs 684 Stake Car with Folding Stakes
Type Rs 684 Stake Car with Folding Stakes

De belangrijkste gegevens 47098
Spoor / Schaalgrootte H0 / 1:87
Tijdperk IV
Type Freight Cars
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    Model: The stake car is loaded with 3 weathered underground tanks in a load frame. The trucks are type Minden-Siegen. The car also has a metal insert for good running characteristics. The stakes can be folded down. The underbody details are specific to this car. The car has many separately applied details.
    Length over the buffers 22.9 cm / 9".
    DC wheel set E700580.

    One-time series for EUROTRAIN and idee+spiel specialty stores.

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